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Image bank on chameleon diversity

A testimony to the phenotypic diversity of chameleons thanks to a standardized photographic approach to the different species, subspecies, localities and forms.

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Photography and conservation

The essence of this project is to use the power of images to benefit the conservation of chameleons, while at the same time enhancing the value of the photographs taken.

With this objective in mind, the approach is to photograph as many chameleons as possible in a consistent style, ensuring a homogeneous and harmonious result. This photographic inventory will be showcased through :

  • a book combining art and science, providing a comprehensive overview of chameleon diversity, ecology and environment

  • exhibitions with the opportunity to sell high-quality images.

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The photographic imagination

The artistic style is the graphic backbone of the project. It is composed of two series of images inspired by naturalists (Cuvier, Duméril, Grandidier...): 

The main series, on a white background, is a common thread representing all the project's taxa (a modern version of the traditional zoological fresco, which aims to describe the animal exclusively).

Ancillary series on pastel backgrounds, to represent a selection of the project's taxa (staged animal evolving in a fraction of its environment, against a colored background).

📸 Rayane Vuillemin

Image bank: Texte

2023 - 2026

6 000 CHF

ID 5.2

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Rayane Vuillemin

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