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"If you can dream it, you can do it".

Walt Disney


Our association was born of a sincere desire to contribute to the protection of chameleons and their ecosystem. The president and founder, Sébastien METRAILLER, is a man with a lifelong passion for herpetological fauna and aquatic ecosystems. Author, trainer, lecturer, breeder and project management expert, he is a member of the IUCN Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group, vice-president of the PRT association (Protection et récupération des Tortues, Centre Emys) and founder of the ZooConseil consultancy.

As advocates of a holistic and pragmatic approach to animal conservation, we know that finding funds to implement concrete projects dedicated to reptile conservation is often an obstacle. But we are convinced that our association, the only one of its kind in Switzerland, will be able to create a significant and lasting momentum for the protection of chameleons and their ecosystem.

We need your help to continue our mission!

Sebastien Metrailler, Caméléon Center Conservation

Scientific supervision

With a doctorate in biology, Olivier MARQUIS is curator of reptiles and amphibians at the Parc zoologique de Paris, part of the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle. He is also a lecturer, field biologist, lecturer in various animal keeper training courses, expert on numerous commissions, member of the IUCN crocodile specialist group and co-leader of the amphibian specialist group of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA).

Olivier makes a point of combining a scientific approach with zootechnical procedures in order to contribute to research and conservation; a scientific rigor that frames the projects of the association Caméléon Center Conservation.

Olivier Marquis, Caméléon Center Conservation

Zootechnical supervision

Capacitarian and consultant in herpetoculture, Benoît de VILLELONGUE is the founder of Herpéto-technique, which specialises in assisting zoological structures in the zootechnical approach and the design of infrastructures for captive reptiles and amphibians.

Passionate about the animal world and a reptile breeder, he trained as an animal keeper and has worked in various zoos, including the ZooParc de Beauval, as well as in a number of private and public facilities.

Benoît helps to improve the quality of the zootechnical conditions used in the conservation breeding projects run by the Caméléon Center Conservation association.

Profil - Benoit

Project Manager

As a student and amateur photographer, Rayane VUILLEMIN has always been fascinated by the diversity of the animal kingdom. Photography has been his way of getting close to animals. 

Long interested in birds and mammals, his photographic approach centered on the notion of species led him to visit over 100 zoos and discover herpetology. He publishes images of his work on his website

Rayane is involved in the development, implementation and monitoring of projects run by the association Caméléon Center Conservation.

Rayane Vuillemin, Caméléon Center Conservation

Project Manager

A naturalist and terrarium enthusiast, Martin ETAVE has always had a passion for the richness of living things. He is particularly interested in the study and conservation of chameleons. A member of the DGHT's chameleon working group, he trained in the study of these reptiles with Anthony Herrel (CNRS/MNHN) and Christopher V. Anderson (IUCN - SSC Chameleon Specialist Group), taking part in research into the evolution, ecology and physiology of these animals.

He holds a Master's degree in Systematics, Evolution and Palaeontology from the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle and Sorbonne University, and is also studying for a second Master's degree in journalism and scientific communication at the Université Paris Cité. He shares his passion for living things on his popularisation blog: Le Vivarium Naturaliste.

Martin is involved in the development, implementation and monitoring of projects run by the Caméléon Center Conservation association.


Caméléon Center Conservation is a Swiss non-profit association (art. 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code) founded in 2022 and headquartered in 1898 St-Gingolph. It is recognized as a non-profit organization (art. 56 let g LIFD and 79 al. 1 let f LF) and is therefore tax-exempt. Its aim is to carry out projects, in situ or ex situ, which contribute to the conservation of chameleons or to the improvement of scientific knowledge of these species. Status of the association

ADDRESS: Case postale 2, 1898 St-Gingolph (Suisse)

BANK REFERENCE: IBAN CH37 8080 8008 5000 7141 4, Banque Raiffeisen du Haut-Léman, Suisse, SWIFT-BIC: RAIFCH22 / CB: 80808

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