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Exhibition on chameleons and conservation issues

Informing the public and raising awareness of the challenges of chameleon conservation around the world.

Exhibition chameleons: Projets

Programme summary

To inform the public about the biology of chameleons and the challenges they face in order to increase understanding and appreciation of these species. To highlight the threats facing chameleons in order to raise public awareness of the urgent need for conservation. To highlight the crucial importance of preserving the chameleons' natural habitats in order to promote biodiversity and ensure the balance of ecosystems.

Deliverables: Information panels to explain various aspects of the biology, ecology and threats to chameleons. Interactive installations to give visitors a better understanding of the chameleons' unique adaptations, such as their extensible tongues, their ability to change colour, etc. Lectures and workshops to broaden the public's knowledge of the issues surrounding chameleons and their conservation. Collaboration with institutions to raise funds for habitat and chameleon conservation projects.

Exhibition chameleons: Notre ferme
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First exhibition 2023

Discover chameleons, fascinating creatures with little-known superpowers! Our new exhibition in partnership with the Tropiquarium de Servion plunges you into their world. Explore their astonishing characteristics and incredible diversity, as well as the threats they face in the wild. You'll learn how you can contribute to their conservation. Join us for this educational and engaging experience, and explore the extraordinary world of chameleons!

1er décembre 2023 - 29 février 2024

Tropiquarium de Servion (Switzerland)

Exhibition chameleons: Notre ferme

2023 - 2026

5 000 CHF

ID 5.1

Exhibition chameleons: Infographics
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