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Association Caméléon Center Conservation

Become aware of their vulnerability and take action to preserve them

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Chameleons are fascinatingly vulnerable

There are currently 222 species of chameleon, but new species are described regularly. The smallest species reaches a size of 3 cm (Brookesia nana) and the largest can exceed 70 cm (Calumma parsonii). Almost all species are found in continental Africa and Madagascar, in forested areas or on plains at altitudes of over 2,000 meters.

Chameleons are atypical lizards with exceptional anatomical and biological features (eyes, tongue, fingers, color, tail). They appear to be more threatened than most other reptiles, due to their high level of endemism and the fact that their habitat is under severe threat of destruction from human activities.

Chameleon Center Conservation carries out in situ and ex situ projects that contribute to the conservation of chameleons or to the improvement of scientific knowledge of these species. Through our actions, we also aim to raise awareness of the vulnerability of these animals and the need to take action for their conservation.

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"The best time to act was 20 years ago. The second best time is now".

Chinese proverb

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Caméléon commun Chamaeleo chamaelon, Caméléon Center Conservation

Chamaeleo chamaeleon

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