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Projet diversité et microhabitats

Chameleon diversity and microhabitat preferences in the Vohimana reserve

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Background and objectives

Urgent efforts are needed to study and protect the remaining chameleons in Madagascar's intact forest fragments, particularly those representing transitional regions between different ecosystems.
Two central questions for such sites are (1) Which chameleon species are present? (2) In which habitats do they live?
This project will focus on answering these two questions for the Vohimana reserve, a 2,000 ha protected area in eastern Madagascar.

Projet diversité caméléon et microhabitats
Diversity and microhabitats: Notre ferme

Planned to last one year, the project will train Master's students to collect data on the distribution, diversity and ecology of chameleons in the Vohimana reserve. Molecular genetic and phylogenetic studies will also be carried out as part of this research. Dr. Mark D. SCHERZ (Natural History Museum of Denmark, KU) and Dr. Olivier MARQUIS (Natural History Museum of Paris, France) will co-supervise this work and thesis.

Diversity and microhabitats: Notre ferme

2024 - 2025

30 000 CHF

ID 2.1

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